On/Crying – The gravity of tears (working title)

On/Crying - The Gravity of Tears

A new solo work. On Crying is an ode to crying and to our tears. Tears as soft prisms that reflect our humanity - translucent and vibrant.

In tears we recalibrate our emotional baseline, as we do in laughter too. Before tears we burn - ready to disassemble and to re-collect ourselves. Over and over again. 

After the boiling point of somatic arousal - in the wake of the pouring - the risky confrontation with our emotional depths - we arise purified. Cleansed. Softened. Sometimes empty - sometimes filled.
In times in which it’s become normal to skim above the surface of feelings, I wonder what happens when we let ourselves feel the broad outline of our emotions and allow ourselves to meet their depths. Tears offer comfort in moments when we are beyond consolation. They invite transformation. They can even fuel a revolution. 
What happens when we collectively enter a space of crying?

We are hardwired to cry and to respond to crying—it’s at the very core of who we are. Though crying is our most primal form of communication, most of us unlearn to cry in the presence of others. Crying became one of our most private acts. And at the same time it could be the most social, essential for creating connection. The intimacy of weeping alone can only be surpassed by tears landing on someone else.
Tears in concert. Collective heart knitting. Oceanic bonding. Weep yourself close to your neighbour.   

On Crying is an invitation to delve into the gravity of tears work - mine, your’s, each other’s. And attempt to learn something about ourselves, each other, and the world in which we live.

Choreographer and Performer: Antoinette Helbing
Dramaturge and score advisor: Mirko Guido
Voice work: Katrine Faber
Composer, sounds designer and technician: Emil Vodder Kristensen
Costume Designer: Inbal Lieblich

On/Crying is in residency at Metropolis Winter Residency and at Holstebro Teater.