Laughter somatics

Laughter Somatics

Laughter Somatics is the workshop format in which choreographer, performer, educator and Feldenkrais practitioner Antoinette Helbing shares a somatic approach to laughter as a connective physical practice. This practice has been developed by Antoinette over the past 7 years and lays ground for a series of works that circulate around laughter as embodied practice of letting go - letting go of excess tension and of emotional imbalance. Both her laughter works that are currently touring - the solo The Laughing Game and the group piece The Laughing Crowd stem from this practice.

The workshop is an invitation to extend the perception of what laughter is or could be – the participants will be diving into an embodied journey through laughter's force of nature - learning to control the uncontrollable and letting go of control when it’s not needed. Laughter as a form of pre-lingual communication is deeply rooted in being human – regardless of cultural or social background. All of us are forming and reforming our individual laughter constantly throughout our lives – and we basically accumulate a collection of laughter choreographies over time. In a way all of us are creating a self-portrait through laughter - without necessarily being aware of that. 

Duration: min. 3 hours