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2020-2024: Feldenkrais Education in course Lisbon 2 (Portugal)
2005-2008: BA in Dance at ArtEZ Dansacademie in Arnhem (Netherlands)
2000-2005: Diplom in Management at University of Münster (Germany)

2021: Hæderslegat Wilhelm Hansen Fonden
2012 & 2021: Arbejdslegat from Statens Kunstfond
2011: 1. Price in choreography-competition Interface V with solo Mir schwant es…
2006: Scholarship from the Foundation Arnhems Dans Talent (ARDT)

Choreography (Selection)
The Mirror Project – a choreographic work about the relation between the physical body and body images. Premiere November 2022 and touring in 2023. Funded by Statens Kunstfond.
The Laughing Crowd – a dance work for 8 performers bathing the audience in laughter. Residencies on Bornholm (DK) and Cres (HR) in fall 2022 and premiere in summer 2023.
Landscapes of Laughter – a 12 hour walking performance relating to Roskildes landscape through laughter. September 2021 as part of Walking Landscapes by Metropolis/KIT.
Nature Force – a long durational exploration of laughter in the context of an art forest. Fall 2021 at Deep ForestArt Land/Skovsnogen as part of Krop – Lyd – Landskab curated by Tora Balslev.
The Shape of the Audience – a research project on the audiences’ movement patterns in the theatre performedby a group of 21 volunteers, in collaboration with Forsøgsstationen 2020-2021.
The Laughing Room – a video installation that let’s 3 screens interplay to expose laughter’s diverse effects ontothe laughing body. Created in collaboration with Jan Vesala in 2020.
AFTERLAUGHTER – a dance film portraying the performers bodily experience of force and relieve throughlaughter (Choreography + Performance). Created in collaboration with Jan Vesala in 2020.
Choreographic Mentor for Tora Balslevs Body of Sand, City Matters and STOFskifte (2000-2022).
The Laughing Game – a solo work that navigates through laughters’ heterogenous physical and emotional landscapes. Created between 2018-2021 and currently touring.
Åbent Rum – participation in choreographic research program curated by Åben Dans 2019-2020.
Tre vise mænd – a performance about searching, finding and giving at Åben Dans in 2019.
Re-Dream – a dance film about re-evaluating dreams in collaboration with Jan Vesala in 2018.
BANG – a dance film exploring the ambiguity of closeness in collaboration with Jan Vesala in 2018.
I’m nothing, but I could be anything – a solo revisiting childhood dreams as adult funded by Statens Kunstfond, Nordic culture point and Nordic Culturefund 2016-2019.
How to be/loved – Perspectives – a duet exploring the physicality of the struggle in accepting closeness in a family relationship. 2012-2019 – 30 performances in 10 countries.
Resident Choreographer at the Trilogy project in Groningen 2012-2014.
Boomerang (2008), Auf zwei Ohren blind ( 2009) and Mir schwant es…(2010) – short solo works created at the City Theatre Görlitz.

Stage (selection)
Åben Dans Roskilde – Choreography and Dance in 14 productions (since 2011)
Livingstones Kabinet – Choreography/Dance in FETCH 2020-2022.
Andreas Constantinou – The WOMANhouse 2018.
Recoil Performance Group/Tina Tarpgaard – ON/VOLT 2013-2016.
X-Act/Kitt Johnson – Forum Humanum in 2013.
Contemporary Dance Theatre Company Görlitz – Company member 2008-2010.

Teaching (selection)
Professional classes at Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Den Danske Scenekunstskole, Dansk Danseteater, Skånes Dansteater Malmö, Norrdans, DC Syd, DC Stockholm and Akademiet.