The Mirror Project

The Mirror Project (Research 2019 - Production 2021)

The Mirror Project is a dance of two performers and two oversized mirrors – choreographing the gaze of the spectator and thereby inviting the audience into a world of hyper reality, out contextualisation and representation. Profoundly challenging the understanding of truth.

In a physical dialog between the spectators, the performers and the two oversized mirrors The Mirror Project plays with the themes of seeing and being seen, fragmentation and multiplication. As a sociopolitical critique of the use of images in our society, the piece frames the two performers in two looking glasses; adding alternative perspectives for the audience, ranging from almost unaltered representations of the dancers, to completely distorted and altered images – as additional sources of information and truth.


Concept: Antoinette Helbing
Choreography: Antoinette Helbing in collaboration with the performers and Taneli Törmä
Dance: Cecilie Schyth Kjær, Katrine Johansen, Antoinette Helbing
Scenography: Kasper Svenstrup Hansen
Dramaturgy: Ida Elisabeth Larsen