The Mirror Project

The Mirror Project - Premiere 30th of November 2022

The Mirror Project is a choreographic work that addresses the relation between the real body as we can see and sense it and images of the body. A dance between two oversized mirrors and two performers unfolds a game of intersubjectivity between two mirrors, two performers and the audience. Working at the threshold between choreography and visual arts, this work merges the aesthetic with the sensual. Simultaneously exposing the dancers in a deep experience of movement which will be framed as a mirrored image, this work unravels the relation between body images and the sensuous potential of the body. The angles of the mirrors interfere with the audiences proprioception allowing the choreography to transform into an impactful kinesthetic experience for the audience. The audiences gaze will be guided and seduced by bodies and bodily images in a universe of multiple mirrorings and associations.

The Mirror Project can perform at both – theatres and museums.

Performance dates
30 November - 1 December 2022 at Holmegaard Værk
19-21 January 2023 at Dansekapellet Copenhagen

More dates to be confirmed.

Concept: Antoinette Helbing
Choreography: Antoinette Helbing in collaboration with the performers
Dance: Cecilie Schyth Kjær and Taneli Törmä
Scenography: Kasper Svenstrup Hansen
Dramaturgy: Ida Elisabeth Larsen
Light design: Carina Backman
Sound: Mads Emil Nielsen