I’m nothing, but I could be anything

I'm nothing, but I could be anything (2016)

I’m nothing, but I could be anything is a Re-Dream in form of a wake-up – a rethinking of the meaning and importance of dreams. This solo deals with a universal theme in a tragic-comic expression - exploring the different roles of dreams throughout a lifetime. Dreams have the power to create ideas and visions. They are a motor, giving power to change. But at some point in life there often arises a wish for peace from the motor – a dream of being present and available. Not having to achieve. To see what is already there. And maybe the most important role of dreaming during adult life is learning to let go of dreams and to let life happen to us.

Choreographer & dancer: Antoinette Helbing
Light designer: Mårten K. Axelsson
Sound designer and composer: Erik Schrøder Christoffersen
Costume designer: Inbal Lieblich
Artistic mentor: Catherine Poher
Technician: David Nicolás Abad
Administrator: Projektcentret, Dansehallerne
Producer: Jan Vesala 

Re-Dream is funded by the Danish Arts Fund, Copenhagen Kommune Scenekunstudvalg, The Nordic Culture Fund, NAPA, Århus kommune and Odense kommune.