Antoinette's work is driven by a curiosity towards the physicality and choreography of social life. She looks at social life with inquisitive eyes - decoding communication, unfolding physical behavior and alienating the movements of our human conditioning. Her works often turn out rather humorous, sometimes provocative and always researching the boundaries of the human body.

As Resident choreographer at the Trilogy Project in Groningen (NL) she created the duet How to be/loved – Perspectives (2013) which has toured the Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Philippines. Her curiosity was to unravel the complexity of family relationships – exploring the difficulties of closeness and to physically research the possibly confusing signs of love.

Her solo I'm nothing, but I could be anything (2015) explored the roles of dream of the future during lifetime. The piece toured Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Following the tour Antoinette created together with film artist Jan Vesala the movie “Re-Dream” with the stage work as base.

Her latest solo The Laughing Game (2020) is a choreographic research of laughter. Antoinette unfolds laughter as social communication, bodily state, stirring sound and sparkling sensation into an aesthetic, sounding and thought provoking encounter with laughter. 

Next to creating her own works she works as choreographer in commissioned work for example for Åben Dans and as choreographic mentor for MYKA, Daily Fiction and Cikaros.